Guest Blog: The Walking Dead from Chaucer to Game of Thrones

Interesting Literature

By William Gosline

Like any true genius, Robert Kirkman ‘steals’. In his situation, not to do so would be foolish.

As the principal show-runner of one of the most popular programs on cable television, Kirkman has the considerable resources of the Entertainment industry at his disposal. Talent flocks to the Walking Dead: great character actors, crack writers and auteur directors. An entire fan culture has sprung up in earnest.

In short, there are a lot of eyes watching him and second-guessing his decisions.

In this climate, only an idiot would ignore the giant legacy of genre culture, a significant body of work at least a hundred years old – more if you throw in the collective myths and legends of assembled humanity; happily standing astride the shoulders of giants, Robert Kirkman is no idiot.

His pièce de résistance creation, The Walking Dead, is both timeless and timely. In…

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